Wednesday, 8 April 2009

YA book Tournament!

Renay is organising it and we need judges and suggestions!
The idea is to read YA books published in 2008 that haven't received much media coverage/attention but deserve more. The judges will be reading the books in pair, then decide together which book should pass the next round, till there's only two left, ready for the final battle. I think it's sound fun, especially since the whole thing is about reading YA books and reviewing them with somebody else.

It'd be great if more teens participated, so don't be shy! We need as many as we can get:)

The list of possible books to read are still under discussion,so if you think you've read a book published in 2008 that hasn't got much attention, but it should, then please suggest it!

Renay has created a google group to discuss all these things in preparation for the tournament, it's called NERDS HEART YA. Go on, you know you want to join :)


Trish said...

This sounds like so much fun, but I don't think I read enough YA to participate fully. I'm sure I'll get some great ideas, though! I left you a little award here.

valentina said...

Trish, it's just for fun, so you don't need to be an expert to be a judge!

Thanks SO MUCH for the award!!!