Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bits and pieces


Today I had more than one reason to be cheerful. Spring is in full bloom. My day in work went by pretty fast. We had a fire drill, so we got to close a bit earlier...AND I had two books that I was looking for just waiting for me! One was *actually* for me. I had requested to scholastic one of their ARC of What I saw and how I lied by Judy Blundell and I finally got it! The second one was the first chapter of the new Sarah Water, which has being printed in a lovely red hard-back edition which simply reads "The New Sarah Waters". I'd rather have the whole thing, but what you gonna do. I've started it already, it's about 60 pages, but the second chapter is going to be up on her website on Friday 8th May. Which reminds me...Virago press is giving their readers a chance to win the proper signed book on their website! They don't say if it's open to any country, but you can always try:) Open till May 1st.


Two days after the Read-a-thon, I'm still thinking about it. I had a great time, and I'd like to thank all the people who took their time to stop by and encourage me. I loved it. But also, I'm already thinking about the next time. I think I'm going to properly schedule my hours, not to get too distracted. I'm going to carefully choose the books beforehand. I'm going to have ready meals at hand. And I'm going to host a mini challenge. The first ideas I've had is this:
Get people to choose a quote from the book they're reading at the moment. Post it on their blog. They will have maybe 1 hour or 2 to do it. Then in the following couple of hours anybody posted a quote gets to choose their favourite quote from other bloggers' quotes and declare it in my blog's comments. I'll randomly pick one name from the comments, and I'll buy the winner that book. What you think? Too complicated? Anyway, if it's a crap idea I have lots of time to think of something better:p


Remember when I found that envelope with seeds inside? Well, now I'm growing those seeds, and look what they've become! I've taken this picture a week ago, now they're even taller! But now I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Should I put them in a bigger pot? Should I use little sticks to keep them straight. I'm so afraid to touch them, they look extremely fragile! I think the smartest idea would be to look in a gardening book, wouldn't it? lol


Vasilly said...

I'm already thinking about the next read-a-thon too! Your mini-challenge sounds perfect! You just gave yourself great advice: plan your meals and books in advance. That's what I did. I'm glad you had fun!

Melody said...

I think your mini-challenge sounds great! I think it definitely helps planning everything beforehand... except when it comes to choosing books because our reading mood always change! LOL.

Wow, it just seems like yesterday when you told us about the seeds. I wonder what kind of plants are those...

Elizabeth said...

I think that challenge idea sounds like fun! I'm already thinking about the next read-a-thon - I'm really hoping to be a reader next time!

Trish said...

I like the quote idea--especially about choosing your favorite quote. That way there is a little bit of interaction between the participants instead of people just giving random quotes. Yup, I always *try* to get really organized before the read-a-thon. I can always do better, though! :)

Chris said...

I love your quote idea for the next REad-a-thon! Sounds like fun :) And look at your seeds!! So cool! I want to know what they are now...I love that story :)

celine said...

Your read-a-thon ideas sound great, hon. As for your seeds, don't touch then yet, they're too young. Wait until they have two of thier real leaves each ( those leaves are just beginers leaves) then pop the lot out of the pot in one piece, break them into individual seedlings ( try only to touch the new 'big' leaves, not the stems) and put them all in thier own little pot ( like the one you have in the photo) Hope they do well for you!

Darla D said...

I like the read-a-thon ideas and mini-challenge, too. Now that I'm almost finished with my degree, I will no longer be worrying about final papers (and comprehensive exams!) during read-a-thon time. I hope to participate next time!

Thanks for posting the pics of the sprouts. I'm curious to see what they'll turn into!

valentina said...

Natasha, I did indeed. Hopefully it'll get better and better:)

Melody, I wonder what they are too, although I have a little suspicion they might be daffodils!

Elizabeth, yeah that's when you when the most fun!

Trish, yes that's exactly why I thought to have a second stage where people can choose their fav quote. I also thought it'd a nice way to share a little about what everyone's reading.

Chris, thanks, I think I'll do it! provided I *can* read or participate at all :P
I'll keep you updated with the seed don't worry:)

Thanks for your adviced Celine. It's just that I don't even know the difference between real leaves and beginneer ones! Right now they're so tall they are bending out of the pot. I hope I can manage not to kill them!!!

Darla,I'm glad you might participate next time!! and that your exams are almost over!