Monday, 2 July 2007

The tygrine cat - Inbali Iserles

The first thing I noticed while I was reading this book is the way it flew so easily without me even noticing it. It's the kind of story that grabs you from the beginning and won't let you go till the end. Even though I never thought it was that short, it was over before I knew it.
The whole novel is told from a cat perspective. Humans are there but they have never a big role. Of all our domestic pets, cats are the most mysterious. We all know that they are independent, free spirits, hunters, that they don't belong to anyone. After reading this, you might start looking at your kitten in a different way. Humans, or "hinds" in the cat language, are actually owned by domestic cats, who provide protection and company in exchange of food and shelter. For Inbali Iserles, cats live in a world of their own. They have tribes, hierarchy, mythology, superstitions, culture. Some can even perform magic. All under the unaware eyes of humans.
The story takes place in a market square, where the cats of Cressida Lock have established their home. Life is relatively easy among food stalls and the nearby catacombs. But when young Mati arrives at the market things start to change. His different look is not welcome and he struggles to be accepted in their community, but he has no choice. He doesn’t know where he comes from, he doesn’t remember his past. His ruddy fur, long pointy ears and gold eyes are looked at with suspicion. Different is not always easy to accept. However, he is given a chance to prove he is trustworthy and he tries eagerly to be a part of the group. What happens next is out of his control though. He finds himself trapped, accused of murder and exiled. Someone is after him, Mati has enemies that are trying to kill him. And to defeat them he will have to discover his past, find out who he really is and save not only himself, but also every cat on earth.

Full of inventiveness and completely absorbing, this is a very enjoyable read that will leave you wanting for more. Its simple story is engaging, its main characters are easy to love and the writing is skilful and confident. For readers aged 9+. And for all cats lovers. To be published on 6 August 2007.


J said...

I'm going to have to get this for my daughter...she's a big fan of Erin Hunter's Warrior series, and this sounds kind of similar. Thanks for the review!

Jeane said...

This looks good. I love cats!