Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bookworms Carnival

I first read about this blog carnival on Metaxu Café. I had never heard of a Blog Carnival but it sounded like a good idea. This one is obviouly about books and since the only thing I had to do is choose a post about "novels" I've submitted one of my reviews immediately. Check the link on the sidebar for more information on how to take part. The first blog host is The hidden side of leaf.I can't wait to see the actual carnival and maybe take part in the next editions (one for every month)!


Dewey said...

Did you see the upcoming themes people are doing? Some of them seem pretty fun to me. I doubt I'll have anything for the spooky books, though.

valentina said...

I like the themes! I'll just have to think about what to write on now :)