Thursday 14 October 2010

The Dublin Flea Market

Back in August I visited the Dublin Flea Market, and I was enchanted. The atmosphere is great, very laid-back and very colourful. The stalls, being a flea market, are a mix of everything, as you would expect: gorgeous vintage clothes, jewellery, old books and furniture, boxes full of random stuff...On top of that it's also in a really cool location, both indoor and outdoor, with a café, a sunny (weather permitting) veranda and live music (although I wasn't there at gig-time, so I can't report on that. I'm sure it just added to the coolness of the whole thing). And I didn't even mention the handcraft section. It's small, and it has its own little room away from the big crowd, but I liked it too.

The indoor venue.

The Newmarket Square

Every month a new artist is commissioned to illustrate the market's poster. You can buy them for €5 and the proceeds go to the artists, or so I'm told. There's a gallery here and if you have a moment go and look at them, I think they're beautiful. I wish I could buy the whole collection! .

The stalls:

Oh and there's a co-op, as well, that sells organic/eco-friendly stuff for less.

It's on every last Sunday of the month :)

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Crafty me

Hello blogworld! I've finally made friends with photoshop so I present you with my latest achievements, i.e. the photoshop collages!
The jars and bottles and bookmarks were made in August and so were the photos. I can use my camera better now, but again I can't be bothered to take better pictures of them, so these ones will have to do :)
I've also made few more jars and I've added bits and pieces to the existing ones, such as beads and lids, but I haven't photographed them yet.
First with the bookmarks.
These below are my personal favourites:

Here's the rest of them:
The bottles:

The jars:

And that's all for now :)
Knitting season ahead!