Wednesday 29 July 2009

Some photos...

Hi everyone, I'm back to my usual cloudy life...and blogging:)
As promised I'll post some pics of my beautiful holiday in Italy. I didn't have my camera, so I only took few pictures with somebody else's camera in Sicily, while I didn't take any in Tuscany.
I was for a week in Levanzo, a small island off the coast of Trapani. It's my favourite place in the entire world. It's my little paradise. This year my father rented a house away from the town. To reach it you had to climb up a very steep road, called "pittata".Or you could just use my dad's quad :D

Here's the entrance to the house, from the inside. There's also a lovely kitchen garden.
This is the house.
And this is me with my dad's partner's son, Ruggiero, in the veranda. It was one of our favourite reading spots.
Usually my father collect lots of sea shells and sea food snorkeling around. This was part of his loot one day. I think I'm gonna try and make one of those things you hang from the ceiling, with them. I forget what you call them:P a mobile! One day...And now I'd like to show you some photos I didn't get a chance to post last year. We saw some dolphins while we were on the boat. It was beautiful! Click on them to see better!
This is a little guy my dad caught. He was released soon after we finished playing with him:)
This is our fierce cat.
A view of the village.

And a little taste of what the sea looks like:)

There. Gotta run to work now. Hope you enjoyed them:)

Tuesday 14 July 2009

A quick update

I'm back to civilization and internet, although not at home. I had a wonderful time in Sicily and I will post some photos when I can use my laptop. For now I thought I'd write few lines about what I've read recently. I can hardly keep my mouth (fingers?) shut! I loved absolutely everything and I finished both books so fast that I had to borrow the next book to read on my flight to Pisa.

The Time Traveler's Wife is everything that I thought it'd be, only I didn't think it's be such a page-turner. My flight to Sicily was more than 3 hours long and I didn't feel them at all! I kept reading like a mad thing till I finished it. I cried a bit almost at the end, and felt sort of melancholic from then on, but it was beautiful and it was worth it! Now I can't wait to watch the trailer for the movie.

The Hunger Games was also incredibly absorbing, adventurous and even sort of romantic. I thought it was the perfect summer read, mostly because it made me feel good that I was lying on the beach sunbathing while those poor souls had to fight for their lives with little water and food.Ahah!I can't wait to read the sequel, obviously. Has it lived up to the expectations?

My third book is La Danza del Gabbiano, the new inspector Montalbano book by Andrea Camilleri. I thought it was very good, better than the last two. It was also a very quick read.

Now I've borrowed Fahrenheit 451 and I'm already half-way through. All I can say now is that I'm happy it shows just how horrible a society without books would become. Ugh!

So, yes, I'm loving my summer holiday reading so far! But I miss blogging and reading other people's blogs. Hope everything is good in the bookblogging sphere.

Any new amazing unmissable books I should know about?

Sunday 5 July 2009

I'm off!

On Holidays to Italy! Good-bye interwebbers, I'll see you in three weeks with hopefully some reviews to post:)
I'm taking The Time Traveler's Wife and The Hunger Games with me, they should keep me entertained enough! Those and the sun and the swimming and the ice-creams :D

Happy Summer!