Friday 30 May 2008


Aaaayges ago Melody tagged me for this meme that has been around a while, but I haven't done yet, so I'm doing it now!:D
It's the 1 2 3 pages meme.

here it goes:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

The Book is There's an egg in my soup by Tom Galvin. It's about the adventures of an Irishman in Poland in the 1990's. I just started it but it seems like I will enjoy it, even though I have no idea what to expect. Just to learn a bit more about Poland, I guess.

Page 123 - fifth sentence:

The dating game was all very old-fashioned. It kind of reminded me of tales of my parents, how they first met up and what they did on dates - sharing a single of chips, sitting and watching the river flow by, that sort of thing. In the background, of course, always lurked the mother, rather unfairly represented as the ogre figure that had to be dodged, bribed or softened up at all times.

Hmmm, I'm only at page 39, but I definitely want to get to the "date" part now :P

Now 5 people?? I have no idea!!! Let's see...

I tag: Mariel, Ranay, Alix, Trish, Alessandra.

Good. Done!

Now Nymeth tagged me for another meme which will take a bit more time, but I want to do it because it's interesting even though I've no idea what I'm going to write!

Its the 6 Random Things about Myself:

1) Today I've done some gardening for the first time in my life! I tried to have some pots on my balcony some years ago, but it never worked. Today, with my mum's input, who came to visit for few days, I've actually planted something in a real garden, and I'm pretty excited about it. They are all aromatic plants - mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme and rocket - which I will hopefully be able to use in my cooking, or for healing potions...finally feeding my "witches" ambitions :D

2) I think that quitting biting nails is harder than quitting smoking. I've basically quit smoking this year, but I've tried endless times to stop biting my nails, with no proper results. My fingers are awful looking...

3) I have a bike named Deirdre that is now lying abandoned in town, locked on a bicycle railing, because I've lost the keys and haven't thought about a way of releasing her. It's been sitting there for 9 months now...

4) The children's section that I look after in the shop is more than 100 square meters. It's the biggest in Ireland.

5) When I was a child, about 9-10 years old, I decided I had to learn to write with my left hand. My dad encouraged me because he said that very intelligent people like Leonardo Da vinci could write with both hands. So I was practicing in a notebook, coping texts from books, and having lots of fun. I never managed to master my left-hand writing till perfection, but I got pretty good. I stopped at some stage because I realised it was pointless.

6) I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. In primary school I wanted to be in order: an astronaut, a writer, a builder. Then in middle school a writer again, a translator, an interpreter, a bookseller. In secondary school a flight assistant. In college a scholar, a translator and an editor. Now? I want to open my own special café. I would make my cakes and tarts, have concerts, a library made by the people, internet, big comfy couches, film shows, exhibitions, parties... I'm still thinking about the name.

I can't think of anyone else to tag so I would tag the same people as above, but only if they feel like and have time to do it. All the rest of you, feel free to do it, it's fun! except that it takes ages to think of something to write :P


Ana S. said...

I still don't know what I want to do with my life either. I'm starting to doubt I'll ever known :P I have phases when I'm really anxious about it and envious of people who know exactly what they want, and phases when I just don't care and decide it's not a bad thing to just see where life will take me.

I think it's so cool that you named your bike :D That children's section where you work sounds awesome...when I finally make it to Ireland I am so going to visit that bookshop.

valentina said...

well, I feel that at almost 30 I should know already, and start living my "adult" life.. I wish it was easier to know what to do though and I do envy those people who already know, too!

You will be very welcome in my shop, I hope you make it to Ireland!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I love that you named your bike. :) My car's name is Miss Lola Sunshine. Anyway, I've completed the meme. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Melody said...

Thanks for playing, Valentina! :)
I remember I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger, and the thought still make me grin even now. Now I just don't feel like thinking what I'd do next because I've been working in this office for about 10+ years... it's too late to make any change IMO anyway, hehe.

Alix said...

I did the meme, thanks it gave me something to post about :)

I'd visit your cafe it sound fabulous. At nearly 31 I'm thinking of a career change but I'm not sure what to. When I was little I longed to be in the chorus in a musical - I liked that they got so many costume changes! Think this maybe out of the question now :)