Saturday, 9 May 2009

Excitement! Oh mighty Excitement!

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My library is awesome! They finally got me a copy of The Absolute Sandman vol 1!!! And I'm the first person to get it. It's brand new!
The librarian said that the volume caused much stir within the staff. Everyone was admiring the volume which came in *especially* from another branch. "It's worth 70 quid", he told me. "Yeah, and it sells for like 140!". Me was very proud.
I've read the first story already, and I thought I might take my time with it and review every single one, but I've noticed that I can't renew it because someone has already reserved it, so I have till May 6th. Seeing how slow I am at reviewing stuff, I'd consider myself lucky if I manage to read it AND review it before then.
So, now I'm off reading the second story, "Imperfect Hosts".
Good Night bloggies!


Trish said...

I haven't read these but Ive seen them around a lot. Is it short stories or graphic novel? I get confused. Hope you enjoy.

Nymeth said... isn't that a beautiful thing :D I hope you enjoy them! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Melody said...

How exciting! Can't wait to read your review on it!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this one!! I look forawrd to your reviews. You must have a great librarian =)

valentina said...

Trish, they were released originally as separate issues, like comics usually do. But they are all connected stories, which are told in arches that expand through several issues.
So I think it could be described as a very long graphic novel, or probably better, as a graphic saga. I'm loving it so much I'd recommend it to *anybody*. So good!!!

Nymeth, I couldn't enjoy it more! I only have the last story to go, and I'm going to start volume 2 straight away. I'm already sad that I can't borrow volume 3 and 4, but I might have some friends who have them!

Kristina, yeah the libraries here are pretty good I think, although they have their limits (they don't have the following volumes!:P)
I hope you can read it soon, I'm so in awe of these stories, it's addictive!!