Monday, 22 December 2008

Secret Santa and Christmas Blog Carnival!

Finally I get to thank Joanna from Lost in a good Story for her pressies! She sent a wonderful packet with 2 books - The Kite Runner and The Ice Queen, plus Christmas candles, a cute tree decoration (is it hand-made? it looks like), AND Belgian chocolate, lavender and ginger flavour. I have to say those are gone already but luckily I took a picture of everything, here it is:

I looove this secret santa idea, thanks again Joanna, it was lovely! And thanks Nymeth for having the idea:) I'm already looking forward to next year's one!:P


Maw is hosting The Book Review Carnival, and I'm in it:) Go have a look.
If you comment to at least three blogs, and one of them it's new to you, you have the chance to win a $10 voucher for Amazon!

OK, now I'm off commenting and THEN, back to reading Hellfire, I'm enjoying it so much.


Nymeth said...

Wonderful gifts! I love Belgium chocolate! You know, just now I was reading Gaskella's post about what her Secret Sants gave her, and it was also The Ice Queen! I fully approve of all this Ice Queen giving :P

Chris said...

What a great gift Valentina! I'm happy everyone's getting the Ice Queen I just have to read my copy :p

Debi said...

Oh my, that was a lovely Secret Santa package! And I'm like Chris, I just need to read my copy, too!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Valentina!

Serena said...

Wonderful secret santa gifts...lucky dog...Still waiting to open mine...I'm in the home stretch.

mariel said...

If only everyone could receive a gift of The Ice Queen this year. One of my favourite books of the year! Lovely gifts, enjoy them!

Em said...

oh fun, I love Secret Santa. I got mine in the mail this week too. :)

valentina said...

Nymeth, yes the chocolate was yummi and different as well from what I usually eat.
Can't wait to read Ice Queen!

Chris, did you get the Ice Queen as well? that's funny!

Debi, thanks, have a lovely xmas too:)

Serena, what? you still haven't opened it?:P

Mariel, I hope I'll like it now:D

Em, yes Secret Santa is such a cool idea, isn't it?

Trish said...

I really liked both The Ice Queen and The Kite Runner! Hope you enjoy them both. That ornament is adorable!