Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Pub 2009 Challenge

I've noticed this year how I don't tend to read many new books, because I always have so many old books at home that need to be read first, so although I add them to my wishlist, I usually manage to get around them when they're not new anymore. But then at the end of the year, I look at the "Best of the year" lists and I feel awful because I haven't read *any* of those. Hence the need to have an excuse to read new books. I have some ARC aside so I don't even have to add more books to the tbr list. The rest I can borrow from the shop:P
The rules are to read 9 books published in 2009. No children/YA (which is good, so I read something different and more suitable to my age) and at least 5 fiction (which shouldn't be a problem either)
Here is the official blog for the challenge.

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Trish said...

I have a tendency to read older books as well. I did manage to read some 2008 books, but they were mostly at the end of the year and almost all ARCs. Have a great time with the challenge!