Tuesday 13 November 2012

Look who's back


I can't believe the last time I posted here was in April. OK, no, I can. For a while I almost thought I was done with this blog, even though I never fully admitted it to myself. I'm still reading, not as much as I used to, but more than the last two years. I'm working as a school librarian now and if I could choose to keep this job forever, I would. It's The Job, a  "I-don't-want-to-do-anything-else-ever" kind of deal. But it's not my decision, so I'll be lucky to keep it for as long as possible.
I've been online a lot, too. Not reading many book blogs, I'm afraid. More style blogs, about pretty clothes and stuff. Ever since I started the new job a side effect has been that I've had the need to renovate my wardrobe to look a bit more professional, a lot less childish to distinguish myself from the students (even though me not wearing a uniform is a giveaway, most of the times). So while in the process of looking for suitable clothes, I've developed a borderline addiction to both looking at and buying new clothes. Mostly looking at. So much so that now I want to learn how to make them myself. It's come to a point that when I go to bed, after a long session of clothes-surfing, all I see behind my eyes are outfits that my mind makes up. Beautiful outfits that don't exist, except in my head, for a few seconds. Now, wouldn't it be brilliant to use this side effect, sketch them down and (at least try to) make them for real? My mind is popping with ideas. All I need to do is learn how, because as of now, I can't even use a sewing machine. I figure the first step is to buy one. Next step is to watch lots of videos on youtube, moan because I don't understand them and then look for an evening course on dress-making.

A part from life stuff, I also want to tell you about the stuff I've been reading. There's so much to tell. I swear, I meant to write reviews for a lot of them. I even took notes and wrote down quotes and everything. I just never got around to actually write them. Now I feel it's time to catch up.
So coming up are some (probably not too detailed) thoughts on:
  • The privilege of the sword by Ellen Kushner (I had so much to say about this one, I started re-reading it just to take notes. Then life got in the way and I forgot)
  • The disreputable history of Frankie Landau Banks by E. Lockhart (cause it's fresh on my mind and it was brilliant)
  • Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Saffran Foer (cause it was so good and heartbreaking, I have to tell you how much)
  • Maybe Paper Towns by John Green (Maybe, because it was awesome as usual with John Green, but I don't know if I have more to say a part from it being awesome. But I will try)
  • probably I shall wear midnight by Terry Pratchett (because I've almost finished it and it's lovely)
So off I go writing the aforementioned reviews. Be back soon. x


nicla said...

nice to read you again!

Bookgazing said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm so excited to see you back. I think it would be fab if you could learn to make those outfits, as I too had a brief 'hey this would be great' time when I was going to learn to sew and it would be wonderful if one of us actually got the job done :D

valentina said...

hi Jodie! nice to talk to you again. I've always wanted to learn dress-making, but it's also true that I'm good at announcing new projects and then abandon them after a while. Hopefully this will bring concrete results ;)