Monday, 26 January 2009

Mailbox Monday

To be honest, from the list I'm going to show you, only one came literally in the mailbox. And because I bought it. The rest is just plain old weakness. One was a "present", though:P
So there we go:

The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee. This will be published in March and I'm reading it now. I noticed it plainly because Mark Zusak, author of The Book Thief strongly recommends it and because it says it will appeal to those who liked How I live now by Meg Rosoff, The lovely bones by Alice Sebold (haven't read it but I will), and The Virgins Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (haven't read it but I liked the film).
It's about ten-year-old Jennifer, who is growing up in the Australian Outback,while trying to come to terms to her thirteen-year-old sister's death.
I'm enjoying it, but I will talk more about it when I'm finished. I'm glad 'cause it suits the 2009 Pub challenge :D

The House at the Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne
. I haven't read any Pooh's books yet! And I know this is not the first, but it was on sale, for something like 2 euro, and I couldn't resist. Should I read the first book first?

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan
. From the back: Sixteen-year-old Nick knows that demons are real. Magicians call up demons in exchange for their power. The demons can appear in any shape, show you marvels, promise you anything - until you invite them in and receive their demon mark of death...
Demons, magicians and a sexual allure.
Perfect for Twilight fans (I'm not).
Deals with siblings relationships.
I don't know about this. It sounds a lot like The Amulet of Samarkand, but I hope it won't be, because I still have to read that one and I don't want to spoil it. Also not a Twilight fan.
But I will read it because our buyer needs feedbacks. It's published in June.
The fact that she is a fellow blogger is a point in her favour though

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. After reading so many good reviews I decided to take it home. After all it's a proof copy, hence free:) I'm expecting to like it a lot, so I don't want to be disappointed!

Freedom next time by John Pilger.
Anytime I go near the Current Affair section I think I want to read this book, so I've bought it, finally. It deals with stolen rights in Afghanistan, India, Palestine, South Africa and also Britain and United States and about the courageous people who are battling to free themselves. I'm really looking forward to this, even though it won't be an easy read.

Honey and Clover by Chica Umino.
My first manga of the year. I didn't realise how much I missed reading manga (mangas) till I read this. I loved it and will review it soon. This is the only book that actually came in my mailbox.

The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot.

I went to the library to look for manga and instead I saw this. I had read Nymeth's review earlier this year so I was really curious about it. I wasn't disappointed, this was brilliant stuff and will be reviewed soon too!


Ana S. said...

yay, I'm so glad to hear you found Bad Rat brilliant too. As for Pooh, I've only read the first book so I'm not sure how much the order matters...but I wouldn't have been able to resist that price either.

mariel said...

The Anatomy of Wings looks good, I look forward to your review. And enjoy Pooh, he's one of my chilhood favourites.

valentina said...

Ana,Maybe I'll find number one at another sale and then I can read them in order:P but I'd say it shouldn't matter too much..hopefully.

mariel, Anatomy is actually good, but I haven't finished it yet so I can confirm it officially:P
i can't believe I never read Pooh!!

Serena said...

what an eclectic stack of books. happy reading.

i've also heard a great deal about hunger games and look forward to reading that as well.