Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dream Angus - Alexander McCall Smith

When I started reading I thought this was going to be just a book about Angus the god of dreams. Then as I was reading, I realise that this wasn’t just that. This is also collection of short stories, set in the real world, that show all the different faces of the god Angus.
Probably because I wasn’t prepared for this, I found that some of the stories didn’t leave a great impression on me. They are all beautifully written, and I admire the inventiveness of finding a way of showing the god present within different kind of men in different places and time. It’s just that they didn’t stick with me at all. The only story that left an impression was the last one. About the kind-hearted pig keeper of a research centre, who tries to save one of the pigs from his deadly fate, and unexpectedly touches the heart of a young secretary. I thought it was a very moving and tender story.
I also liked reading about Angus the god, about his conception, his childhood, and about his love sickness. The writing really managed to evoke a mythological atmosphere, and it was truly beautiful.
It was a very quick and pleasant read, and it certainly made me want to read more about this author, but just the fact that after few weeks I can hardly remember what some of the stories were about, gives you the idea of why it wasn’t a great hit for me. So, I won't try and find some insightful things to say about it and I'll just leave it at this!

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Marg said...

I read this a while ago too and quite liked it. It did get me started on trying to work my way through the Myths series which I have enjoyed very much so far.

My review is here

Ana S. said...

I read this about a year ago and I still can remember the stories well, which makes sense since it WAS a great hit for me :P The pig-keeper's story was my favourite too, though. And yes, wasn't the writing beautiful? I really need to read more Alexander McCall Smith.

Are you planning on continuing with the Myth series?

(Here's a link to my review.)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I find that sometimes I have the same problem with short stories--they aren't really all that memorable after I've finished them. I'm reading a book right now that I'm having that problem with--probably good stories, but forgettable.

valentina said...

marg, thanks for the link. I think this will get me started (one day anyway:P) to read Alexander McCall smith. But I'll have a look at the myth series too, I've read great things about it!

nymeth, I know you loved it, and the writing *was* great! As I said, I might read few more of the myth series, but I don't think it'll happen in the near future. I really want to read more of Charles de lint/Terry Pratchett/ Neil Gaiman and still have lots of other books to read before adding more to the pile! thanks for your link:)

Trish, so far I've only really loved 2 collection of short stories: Tales from Earthsea by Ursula le Guin, and "My husband " by Dacia Maraini, but I have read the latter more than 10 years ago, so I can only tell you that those stories really left a mark on me, and I would like to re-read them!