Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Dublin Flea Market

Back in August I visited the Dublin Flea Market, and I was enchanted. The atmosphere is great, very laid-back and very colourful. The stalls, being a flea market, are a mix of everything, as you would expect: gorgeous vintage clothes, jewellery, old books and furniture, boxes full of random stuff...On top of that it's also in a really cool location, both indoor and outdoor, with a café, a sunny (weather permitting) veranda and live music (although I wasn't there at gig-time, so I can't report on that. I'm sure it just added to the coolness of the whole thing). And I didn't even mention the handcraft section. It's small, and it has its own little room away from the big crowd, but I liked it too.

The indoor venue.

The Newmarket Square

Every month a new artist is commissioned to illustrate the market's poster. You can buy them for €5 and the proceeds go to the artists, or so I'm told. There's a gallery here and if you have a moment go and look at them, I think they're beautiful. I wish I could buy the whole collection! .

The stalls:

Oh and there's a co-op, as well, that sells organic/eco-friendly stuff for less.

It's on every last Sunday of the month :)


Melody said...

Oh wow! Love these photos! Sounds like you had fun, Valentina! :)

Nymeth said...

This sounds amazing! I'm tempted to make sure my trip to Dublin falls on a last Sunday of the month :P

valentina said...

I did Melody, I do love these kind of things, a lot :)

It'd be great to show you around whenever you want to come visit Ana :D
The flea market could be a good excuse to come, although I assume in Britain they would have hundreds of these going on everywhere!
I think you would enjoy Milk & Cookies stories a lot, too. Next Month is its 1st b-day, I expect it to be pretty awesome. It's just an evening of open mic storytelling, with cushions, couches, free tea and cookies (all delicious) and nice friendly people. I'll have to write a post about that!!

Darla D said...

Wish I could go with you. I love the photos!