Saturday, 21 March 2009

I got pressies!

Ok, it's not really today's news but I still haven't shared here what I've recently got in my mailbox!:

This from Raych:

  • cool copic multi liner pen, which I've used a lot already. Very stylish.
  • colorful writing paper + envelopes.
  • a Eye Burrito. What's that? Raych's instructions read:

  • - Place Eye Burrito in freeze
    - overwork eyes by reading excellent long novel
    - don sweatpants
    - mix drink
    - placing eye burrito over eyes
    - refresh.

It was a complete surprise cause I forgot I had even won something! So it was really exciting to open it having no clue about what it could be! I still have to try the Eye Burrito, but he's also cute just as it is:) So thank you Raych! You rock.

And this is from Nymeth, to thank me for something I haven't even sent YET!!!!! (*hides in shame*)
  • Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis.
  • Laika by Nick Abadzis (I already know I'm going to cry!)
  • THREE bookmarks handmade by Nymeth! One of which specifically designed for me and my love of starry shaped things! I love the other two as well. The one on the left is very elegant and the one on the right is so cute and green (I love green).
I'm so delighted with this showers of pressies, I feel so pampered :D
Thank you guys so much!


Nymeth said...

Well, it's also to thank you for being AWESOME. Nothing to hide in shame about! Anyway, you are most welcome :D

And an Eye Burrito! I love it.

Trish said...

What lovely gifts!! The eye burrito sounds like it could come in handy after/during the read-a-thon. Speaking in?? I hope so!

Melody said...

Wow, what great gifts you received! That eye burrito definitely sounds good to me! ;)

Chris said...

What fantastic presents!! I love that Eye Burrito! I use those all the time to get rid of my migraines. Does she make them? And sell them? lol..

Two great books from Nymeth! And don't you just love her bookmarks?? I love the ones she sent me :)

Lenore said...

YAY for pressies!

Serena said...

Those are some great gifties! Enjoy!

valentina said...

Nymeth, thank you again and again and again!:) I think You are awesomest.

Trish, if I'm not working that weekend (which I don't think I will cause I rarely do weekends) I'm definitely in! I can't wait to start piling up by books for it:) This time I wanna try read more, maybe something longer. And sleep lots the morning it starts so I won't be too tired later on. Oh and COFFEE!!

melody, it's cute isn't it?

Chris really? I had never seen one! I get headaches very often, so I should try it when it happens next time! I don't know if she makes them, she didn't say:P

Thank you Lenore, and Serena,pressies are aaaalways welcome! :D