Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Weekly Geeks: Best of 2008 so far, Read-a-thon coming up and a big THANK YOU!

This week WG is about our favourite books published in 2008. I've just checked and honestly, I haven't read that many new books. That's because my ever-growing pile of books is, of course, ever-growing and I always tend to delay the reading of new books in a miserable attempt to diminish that leaning tower...but the ones I've read I liked, mostly. I would definitely recommend the following to any book lover.
Also I love the idea of having a end-of-the-year book bloggers favourites. I'm really curious to know what's gonna make the list, I'm sure I'll find some to add to my wish list:)

Ok, The first I have here is Confessions of a fallen angel by Ronan O'Brien. It's an Irish novel, and it's a debut. It was surprisingly gripping, and totally heartbreaking, but funny too. It's coming out in paperback in October with a brand new cover, completely different from the hardback, have a look!

The second is Odd and the Frost Giant by Neil Gaiman.
How can you not love this little book. It was published for the World Book Day, so it's tiny and short. It makes a perfect bedtime story, and it introduces children to Norse Mythology, which is always good. Cosy and adventurous at the same time. Great Fun!

The third and last, for now hopefully, is The Book of a thousand days by Shannon Hale.
It's the first Shannon Hale's book I've read. Everyone raves about The Goose Girl, which I haven't read yet, but this was a fantastic read for me to start with. It has everything: humour, smart heroine, non-sappy romance, great writing, original development of a fairy-tale. Go read it!

Also, how can I not mention my wonderful picture books? I adore very single picture book I've reviewed, but I have two favourites:
The odd egg by Emily Gravett.
The girl in the castle inside the museum by Kate Bernheimer and Nicoletta Ceccoli.

I've been meaning to post about the Read-a-thon for a while now, but I've still haven't made out my mind yet. I'd love to read, just to take a day off from everything else and read till I'm sick of it. Only, I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. I'm worried I'll feel horribly guilty for not doing all the other things I should/want to do. I haven't written anything in ages, and that would be my biggest guilty feeling. Wouldn't it be great to have a writ-a-thon as well? That way I could join the readers happily if I knew I would write another day for 24 hours!!! Just an idea...Anyway, I'm more for the yes than for the no, but still very undecided.
If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about (which I doubt) go read about it HERE!

And finally, but not less importantly, I have to give a BIG hug to Melody and Darla
for saying such nice things about my blog, I love their blogs just as much.
Thanks girls, you rock!

Hugs Graphic #10


Nymeth said...

Good picks, and congrats on the award! Very well-deserved.

I really hope you do end up deciding to join the Read-a-thon. It will be fun! And you can make it up to yourself by devoting the following Saturday to writing :P

Trish said...

I agree with Nymeth that you should definitely do the read-a-thon. I didn't think I could do it last time and had a blast! I did take a short cat nap, but I would have gone insane without it. I can't do it this time around, but hope you can!!

Darla D said...

Thanks for the kitty hug - very cute! I adored The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum, too, and I'm sure I heard about it from your blog. Such an evocative book!

valentina said...

thanks you Nymeth! I think I will you know? unless something really unavoidable happens!

trish, I don't think I will be able to do the whole 24 hours, I really need my sleep,but if I do it I will try my best!

Darla, you're welcome! It'd be cool if you heard it from me, I'm happy to share the love about wonderful books like this one!

Trish said...

I think you'll be surprised at how late you can stay up--I certainly was!

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I LURVED The Odd Egg!!!! :) Emily Gravett is fab.

Melody said...

Hi Valentina! You're most welcome! :)
I love that kitty pic, thanks! :D