Monday, 8 September 2008

I've been nominated for an award!

Thanks so much to Aloi for nominating me for the Brillante Weblog Award!(*happy dance*)

That's great, I feel really honored. Now I can have an "awards" tag :P
So the rules to accept the nomination are as follows:
1. The award may be displayed on a winner’s blog. Check
2. Add a link to the person you received the award from. check
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs. I'll do that now.
4. Add their links to your blog. Check.
5. Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on in the comments section of their blog. will do that too.

The thing is that I haven't been blogging that much lately, and I haven't been reading that many blogs either (*hides under the screen*), but that won't stop me from bestowing this nomination to some wonderful bloggers out there, who I've been reading for a while now, even if not daily...

I'd like to nominate:

1) Raych at Books I done read
Because even if I don't always agree with her, she always makes me laugh, and that's always a good thing. Totally hilarious.

2) Darla at Books and other thoughts.
Because she's another grown up who read as much kids books as me (actually, definitely more than me!) and her blog is an endless source of great books to choose from. Also she posts a lot, and I can't keep up with her reviews, and that makes her brilliant to my eye.

3) Carl at Stainless Steel droppings
Because of the care he puts in all his posts, because he hosts the best challenge around (Once upon a time) and because he introduces his readers to so many talented artists I would hardly come across myself. and not to mention all those giveaways!

4) Nymeth at Things mean a lot.
Because she's Nymeth. 'nuff said.

5) Melody's reading corner because she's lovely and thoughtful and because she gave me Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card Award and I never officially thank her for that on this blog.

Also, speaking of awards, I've seen the nominations for the BBAW Awards 2008 are up at My Friend Amy. Of course, I don't know the majority of all those blogs, so I have a lot of blogging ahead of me before casting my vote!


Nymeth said...

Thanks, Valentina :) I'm glad to be in such great company.

Darla D said...

Wow, Valentina - thank you, and thanks for the kind words about my blog! I completely agree with Nymeth - I'm honored to be in such company!


Melody said...

Thank you, Valentina!
I echo Nymeth and Darla. :)

Carl V. said...

Thank you so much, I feel honored to be in the company that you included me in. I really appreciate it! :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the blog award! Very well deserved, I might add.

Trish said...

Congratulations on the award--I agree with the others that it is well deserved. And you do that happy dance!

valentina said...

Nymeth, Darla, Melody and Carl, you're very welcome:)

Trish and Stephanie, you make me blush, thank you so much:P said...

Thanks for commenting - I have actually done a short review of the Verdigris deep itself Because Verdigris deep is my big rave book for the year!!!! :)

I'm pleased to see you are doing so well with your book blog, there are so many books on it that show extreme good taste


valentina said...

thank you Alicia!
I added your review of Verdigris to mine, it was concise but meaningful:)