Monday, 14 January 2008

Writing progresses

Today I feel so good about myself because I've finally started working again on my story. I deliberately put aside such an unputdownable book as "the Blue girl" for the morning, to do some productive work on my precious day off. And I've effortlessly (well, almost) written a decent enough scene that I can be proud of. It was an action scene, and an important one as well, but action scenes are not easy for me, really, so I was kind of putting it off waiting for inspiration. But then last night I used my favourite technique for writing: I wrote the general lines of what was going to happen, or better, I let the pen write, cause honestly I didn't know what was going to happen till I wrote it. I thought I was going to write different scenes and then pick the best one, but the first one was the right one, so I used that. Then this morning I wrote it and it was fun! The words came out naturally and they felt right. I wrote more than 1000 words, which is A LOT for me, and I came to the end of the second part of the story. So yeah, it was a very productive day. I hope there'll be many more to come:)


Nymeth said...

I'm glad to hear you're making progress with your writing! There's nothing more satisfying!

I've been toying around with an idea through which the several book bloggers that are also into creative writing could encourage and support each other...a sort of writing challenge - I'm still working out the details. I realize this sounds vague, but if I did it, would you be interested? It'd only be in a couple of months or so.

valentina said...

yes!I love the idea, I would definitely be in!anything to help me get through my confidence blocks and meet other fellow wannabe writers!great idea:)
are you also working on something?

Darla D said...

Great job putting down that book to write - that takes true fortitude! I'm glad you are doing so well!

I love Nymeth's idea - I have been sorely neglecting my writing since I've been in grad school (and at one course at a time, it's taking years, literally. I am determined to get back in the saddle once this degree is complete (probably this time next year, if all goes well).

valentina said...

Good plan Darla:)
sounds like another one of Ana's great ideas!:D