Saturday, 17 November 2007

Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

I don't know why it took me so long to review this, cause it's actually the best books I've read in months. It wasn't a masterpiece, or the most original book around, even if the main character might as well be, but it warmed my soul. Reading it gave me so much energies. It made me feel good about the world, without being cheesy or soppy. It's Stargirl we're talking about, after all. I could read about Stargirl every day and never get tired of her. I wish she were my friend. I wish I lived in her world. "You do!" Stargirl would say. True, but I'd need someone like her to make me see it, to make the boring/depressing/sad reality seems full of surprises. I'm happy, though, that I can pick the book up anytime and absorb some of that magic.

This sequel was very unexpected to me. The end of the first one (see review ) didn't leave much room for a follow up, since Leo's grown up voice informs us that he never married and still hopes to meet her again one day. Nevertheless Stargirl had still something to say and didn't leave Jerry Spinelli alone till he continued writing her story. This time from her point of view. We get to hear her thoughts, and suddenly she doesn't seem so crazy or out of this world anymore. She's shy sometimes. She's self-conscious and unsure of herself like the rest of us. And she's not at her best either, cause despite having left Mika with a bang ( or with a hop...) she still loves and misses Leo (why??He doesn't deserve you!but anyway). So she decides to write him the longest letter in the world, in the form of a journal.
New year, new town, new people. Back to home-school with lots of time to dedicate to her shadow curriculum (with subjects like Element of Nothingness, Principles of swooning, Life under Rocks and Beginner whistling) and to get to know the locals. She will leave her mark in this town too,spreading the magic wherever she goes, but they will leave something to her too. She'll actually become part of the community, of this weird yet so ordinary group of people, and not a strange creature belonging to another planet.
As soon as I closed the book after reading the last page I knew I was going to miss 5-year-old attention-seeker Dootsie, agoraphobic Betty Lou, grumpy Alvina and everyone else. And instantly I knew I had added this to my all-time favourite list already.


Stephanie said...

Stargirl is one of my very favorite books!! I really need to read this one soon!!

Thanks for a great review!

valentina said...

I'd recommend this to anyone, but for a Stargirl fan is almost a crime to wait any longer! ;)