Wednesday, 26 September 2007


I've recently finished reading Love, Stargirl...I think I could read about Stargirl and live in her world forever! This book, like the first one, gave me so much energies and will to do things that I came up with THE DEFINITIVE resolution of the year. I've decided that I have to finish the story I'm writing. I never talk about it. It's my secret dream, to be able to finish it and say "I've written a book", and "let's start with something else!". I always find an excuse for not sitting down and write . There's always a better book, or I'm always tired or not in the mood. But as of today there won't be anymore excuses. Reading books is forbidden within the house. I can read on the train, on the bus, on my lunch break, fifteen minutes break, and MAYBE, if I've written something during the day, I can read before sleeping, in bed. I won't have another lazy day off when all I do is reading. Extra artistic activities are allowed since they help the mood, but only after I've started writing. I don't know why, but the hardest thing it to actually sit down and start. Once I've overcome this first step , I start creating and I have fun. But I guess I'm just lazy. And insecure.
So, since my mother and my best friend both want to read the end of it, I'm going to ban books till I'm finished!!
I'm very proud of this resolution. And I'm writing it on my blog to make it more definite, to take a commitment.
Now, don't ask what the story is about. I will tell you more when it's finished. Let's just say it's for children, it's a fantasy and it's written in Italian, obviously. I hope I will be posting LESS reviews and MORE updates on my writing progresses. Wish me luck!:)

This doesn't mean I won't post reviews at all. I have loads to write!
Upcoming reviews include:
- The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
- Boy by Roald Dahl
- Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
and the latest by David Almond, author of Skellig "My dad is a birdman", his first book for younger readers, illustrated by Polly Dunbar and out on 1 October. It's brilliant!

Photo taken by Marta Starosta, 2005


Darla D said...

Excellent! You can do it. Just (as Marion Zimmer Bradley used to say) apply seat of your pants to the chair, and start writing. Something will happen!


Good luck with your book. I'm really looking forward reading it.

Nymeth said...

Good luck with your book, Valentina. I know just how you feel. Sitting down to actually start writing can be so hard. But once you manage to do that, it's much easier and more enjoyable. I think that it's good to set a definite time to write every day - even if just an hour. If you do it every day for an hour, with no possible excuses to skip it, you will eventually be done.

I just finished The God of Small Things too, so I really look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

tinylittlelibrarian said...

How exciting - good for you! And good luck! I'll look forward to reading about your progress.