Thursday, 13 September 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Comfort food

Okay . . . picture this (really) worst-case scenario: It’s cold and raining, your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, you’ve just been fired, the pile of unpaid bills is sky-high, your beloved pet has recently died, and you think you’re coming down with a cold. All you want to do (other than hiding under the covers) is to curl up with a good book, something warm and comforting that will make you feel better.

What do you read?

(Any bets on how quickly somebody says the Bible or some other religious text? A good choice, to be sure, but to be honest, I was thinking more along the lines of fiction…. Unless I laid it on a little strong in the string of catastrophes? Maybe I should have just stuck to catching a cold on a rainy day….)

I'm just back from my holiday in Italy, and I feel a bit guilty for leaving my poor little blog all alone for so long so I thought it deserves a new post, and what's better that a "Booking through Thursday one"? :)

So, for the weekly question...hmm, I don't think I'm one for reading when I feel down and everything is going bad. I usually prefer the lazy and degrading option of watching TV, when I have a TV (now I don't!) and eat some junk food. Or watch some episode of Buffy for the 10th time. Or go to the cinema or around town for some window-shopping. But mostly if I feel REALLY bad, I just curl up in bed and cry. It makes me feel better after a while. Then I might cook myself a butternut squash soup to bring to bed.
But, if I feel like reading something I think I'd choose a comic, preferably a manga. If I were in Italy I would just drive to my manga shop, load up on back issues of my favourites, maybe buy some new ones, then stop at the bakery nearby and by "schiacciata" bread and lemon ice-tea. Then I would go back home and spend the afternoon or the whole day, depends on how down I feel, reading them.
When I'm really sad I can't face a proper book. It takes too much concentration. Also, I never re-read books as a comfort measure. Now that I think about it, I might be able to re-read Harry Potter. Yes, definitely Harry Potter or manga for comfort reading. Nothing else. Oh, I forgot gossip magazines. But that's not real reading is it? It's crisps for the mind :D


Nymeth said...

Welcome back! I did wonder what had happened to you.

Harry Potter definitely qualifies as comfort reading for me. If I'm sad, I just want a book I can completely lose myself into, so I can forget my troubles for a little while.


Ciao Val,

Welcome back! It's a nice blog you have there. Well done!


gautami tripathy said...

Comics are comfort reading any time. I like Tintin and asterix.

Stephanie said...

Welcome back! Was wondering where you had gone off to!!

Yeah for a fellow Buffy watcher. Total guilty pleasure, that one is!

I love your answers!

valentina said...

It's nice to know someone was missing me:D
Stephanie: yes I LOOOOOOVE BUffy!

Ciao Elton!!!Was wondering why this "bebopcowboy" added me on his blog!

BookGal said...

Welcome back! I didn't list gossip magazines but they are high on my comfort list as well. They are especially good while soaking in a nice hot tub!

MissMeliss said...

I tend to watch eps of Buffy while I write.

And Harry Potter is among my comfort reading choices, even though I didn't list it.

Darla D said...

Anything gripping with good characters and an exciting plot - something I can lose myself in, that really comes to life. Laurell Hamilton's books, or kids' ones like HP or Diana Wynne Jones.

And welcome back!

(Ps - just realized that Nana 1 & 2 are the only ones my library system has right now - I have to wait for the others to come in. Wah!)

valentina said...

oh no Darla, I'm sorry for you. Hope you get them soon so we can discuss them:)

Dewey said...

Mmm, it's butternut squash season again soon!

Sorry, easily distracted! Welcome home!