Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I haven't been around much, have I? But that's how it is at the moment. I've read some incredibly good books, and I will one day talk about them, probably in one post filled with mini-reviews, but I will, definitely. For now, though, I'm going away again, to Sicily and to my beloved, tiny, magical island of Levanzo. I will have to spend the night in London airport, but I have lots of books with me, should I not be able to fall asleep on a chair.
For my 10-day-holiday I chose books that have been waiting for at least 3 years to be read:
Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Epic by Conor Kostick
and My Tender Matador by Pedro Lemebel.
With the exception of the last one, they are all YA and mostly fantasy (not sure about Wolf Brother), so it's pure indulgence. Exactly what I want on my holidays.
Oh and Framed by Cottrell Boyce which I'm halfway through it and loving it.

Talking about great books, I've literally just finished Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness, the third volume in his stunning Chaos Walking trilogy. I'm not going to write a proper review, I'm somehow too invested in it. Besides, lots of people have already done it brilliantly before me. I just want to join the choruses of "OMGOMGOMGOMG"s and "WOW"s and "I'm still recovering from it, I can't really talk about it"'s. It was just that good. I was forced to read it faster that I would have, cause I didn't want to bring the huge hardback with me, hence making it an even more intense experience. I have never been that much on edge reading a book as I was with this one. I was almost scared to turn the pages, knowing something terrible was gonna happen, but that didn't make me turn them any slower. I love the characters so much, I had to hope things were gonna turn out well for them, but at almost every end of paragraph, especially towards to end, I was like "f***k's sake! Can't it go smoothly for once?" And of course I can't tell you if it does, you'll have to read and suffer exactly like me! And no peeking ahead, it's wrong.
OK, off to the airport, see you when I'm back, all tanned and rested.

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Nymeth said...

It's an emotionally exhausting book, isn't it? Not in a bad way, but still... it took me at least a week to recover from it.

Have a safe trip home! I assume you're coming back after the summer? Which means you'll be there when I visit in the autumn? Can haz your company for coffee and book browsing? :P

valentina said...

I think it will take that long. I'm reading Framed now, and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "something really bad is gonna happen!" even though the pace is completely different. I'm still in that mood.

I'm only staying for 10 days unfortunately. But do you mean you're coming to Dublin? For reals??

Jodie said...

Have a lovely holiday:)

I thought Wolf Brother was the perfect holiday read when I took it to Nice, because it was full of action and friendship and magic (and a wolf that you can go aww over). Still, the kind of book you're ok to put down when you're busy, but the kind you really want to pick up when there's a spare hour.

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