Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Directions

Lately I've been trying to come up with a cool name for a new blog, a place where I could talk about other things beside books. About all the stuff that are going on in my life, about the music I listen to or the things I've knitted, or what my latest cooking experiment tasted like. I thought I wanted to leave this place for books only, although there hasn't been much of those here either.
But then I realised the easiest solution would be to just use this one. It's my blog after all, I can post whatever I want, right?
So yeah, from now on, officially, I will talk about anything, which will include books too (I could never give up those. Actually, I will post two reviews soon), but not exclusively.

Ever since I lost my job at the bookstore (oh yeah, another thing I never mentioned here...) I have had lots of time to dedicate to the things I love doing. Less reading and more "making". I'm editing my NaNoWriMo novel, which is due to be finished by the end of June, in order to avail of the offer for a free printed copy. I still very much doubt my ability to write anything close to good, but it's a good exercise and I'm taking it for what it is.
Also, only recently I've started to exercise again. I live just beside a wonderful park, and I've taken up jogging there in the morning. I like it so much that I have to stop myself from going every day. Apparently there needs to be a day of rest in between training. I'm increasing gradually the running time and I love to see how much I'm improving each time.
Then of course there's the knitting. I haven't made much lately, but I'm not giving it up. I can't wait to get those photos ready so I can show you the pretty stuff I have made.
More importantly, being unemployed meant that I could apply for a training course free of charge. I had been thinking of starting my own business for quite a while now, and here was my opportunity to make it come true. I won't talk about what it is until it's closer to being actually real, but I'm really excited about it. So now I'm still doing this business course, there's about a month to go and then there will be hundreds of things to do to make it happen. It will involve cooking, this I can say. I have long given up teaching. It was cool for a while, but it's not my thing. While I think this may very well be it.
So that's about it. I hope it's going to be fun:)
I leave you with some more videos of songs I've recently come to love. Hope you like them. xxx

"Old Times" by Whispertown 2000

"The ghost who walks" by Karen Elson

"Rabbit Fur Coat" by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

and lastly, a band I'm loving lots at the moment. This song sounds so much like those cartoon songs of my childhood, and obviously I'm mad for it:)
"I'm glad I hitched my apple wagon to your star" by The Boy least likely to


Jodie said...

I love polyblog, especially ones with great music suggestions so hurray.

You've really been going through it lately haven't you? Probably the best thing about being unemployed is the free course selction available so make the most of it. Really exciting that you're thinking of starting your new business, there are quite a few avenues of cash for new startups so make sure you get everything available to you.

Jodie said...

polyblogs that shoudl be, as in polymaths - my inability to type continues to frustrate me.

Chris said...

You should absolutely talk about whatever you want in your blog!! That's what I've been doing lately and I just love it that way. Besides, my favorite blogs are the ones that talk about a little of everything ;) Sounds like things are going good for you Valentina despite being a bit hectic and up in the air! Can't wait to follow everything!

Laura said...

Nice songs and cute video with the Playmobil toys :-)
Looking forward to reading more about your business project. Are you going to cook your delicious lemon and coconut muffins?

carina gomes said...

Hi Valentina! Good luck in this new time of your life. I'm sure you'll be very sucessful in your new project and enjoy your free time!

Marg said...

I look forward to reading whatever you decide to blog about! And your blog title is perfect for having varied content as it is!

Nymeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job thing, but keeping my fingers crossed it'll turn out to be for the best. Best of luck with your business, my dear!

I love The Boy Least Likely To so much <3

valentina said...

Jodie, I didn't know this kind of blog has a name! I like it.
yeah, I'll definitely need a start up loan or I'm not gonna go anywhere! hopefully I'll get some help around;)

Chris, actually mine too. I don't know why I had in my head mine should be only about books...

Laura, of course! I love those muffins:) First on the list!

Carina, thank you so much!

marg, actually now that you make me think about it, it is!

Nymeth, don't be sorry cause I wasn't. I love selling books, but I was tired of that job. I needed new things and I got them so I'm glad.
I knew you'd like this band!:D

mariel said...

Glad to hear things are picking up for you. Its so hard when you get lost like that, and brave to start again. Wishing you all the best, I look forward to hear about your training! :)