Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What I've been listening to

OK, so the truth is, I haven't read anything in more than a week. Must be a record. But I have been doing lots of knitting, and listening to music in the meantime. So I thought I'd share my latest discoveries with yous, and keep this neglected blog afloat.

One of my favourite songs of the past week or so is Johnny Flynn's Tickle Me Pink.
I have no idea what it means, just that it sounds very poetic and deep, and has an infectious melody.
Here's the video:

Another band I've been into recently is She & Him. They make this soft 60's pop which puts me immediately in a good mood. It's the perfect music to listen to in the morning. I love Zooey's voice!
Their first track in the album is my favourite.

Most of this new discoveries come from LastFm. Sometimes the recommendations are a complete failure and sometimes they are a revelation, or just a very pleasant surprise.
Lykke Li falls into the latter category. I thought she was so so at the beginning, but the more I listen to her the more I like her.

Then there's First Aid Kit. There's something about these two Swedish sisters that I find irresistible. They have catchy songs, the play guitars and some other weird instrument I can't identify cause I don't know shit about music, and they do all this in a forest!

And how can I not mention my latest crush Amanda Palmer? I went to her gig in Dublin at the last minute and it was the weirdest most amazing thing I've ever been to. It was messy and chaotic and fun and full of heart and enthusiasm. I've been listening to her stuff and the Dresden Dolls ever since and they're fantastic. But what you need to watch here is a video from the gig I was in. It's called Fuck the Ash Cloud. It's hilarious. It's a song she and Neil Gaiman wrote over skype the night before or something. The two other guys on the stage are from Bitter Ruins, an improvised supporting band who were pretty cool in their own right. You can't see it on the video but Jason Webley was on a big screen on Skype beside Amanda and he was posting some cute pictures of Amanda and Neil being kept apart by the ash cloud. That's why people go "awwww" at some point!

Ok, this is getting way longer than I thought. I'll have to post a part II later. I have some many more bands I'd like to share.
But I'll leave you with something which will explain my recent moods. The lyrics are basically almost exactly what she's been telling me, and why I've been in some a shitty state. I know there's nothing I can't do to change her mind, but it still hurts. So there.


Serena said...

even though you haven't been reading, sounds like you've made some new discoveries...have a great weekend.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Thanks for sharing what you're listening to. I actually bought a couple of the songs you listed. Thanks!

valentina said...

thanks Serena, yes I have and I plan on making even more:)

Mrs Deraps, that's cool! what did you buy?