Monday, 22 June 2009

LGBT Challenge - Once Upon a Time III Challenge wrap up

I had promise to myself not to join anymore challenges, because there is not much point when I don't actually read the books meant for that challenge. Even without lists! But since there's no challenge police, I'll join anyway! I can't resist this one.
It's hosted by Amanda at The Zen Leaf, and it requires the reading of 6 books in 6 months, all LGBT related, starting July 1 and ending December 31.
Incidentally, I'm already reading Baby Be-bob by Francesca Lia Block so the first book is sorted!
What else could I read?
I'm thinking:
Carol by Patricia Highsmith (The first lesbian novel with a happy ending, or so I'm told)
Beebo Brinker by Ann Bannon (lesbian pulp fiction of the 1950's)
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (the T is for Transgender, after all)
I'm not myself these days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell (about the life of a drag queen)
My tender matador by Pedro Lemebel (which has been waiting for 3 years now, as it's also about a transgender woman)
Also I should probably try to read Oranges are not the only fruit by Jeanette Wintersone again...

These are already at home...don't let me start with whatever I could get in the library because it's a road full of perils, we all know it ends in me wanting to read too many books as humanly possible.

ps: Here we say LGBT instead of GLBT. I'm used to it, and also I like it more ;)

Now for the Once upon a time

...I probably was in the mood for more realistic fiction than usual lately, because I managed to read 2 books only, out of the original 4:
-The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan (fantasy)
-The Absolute Sandman vol 1. by Neil Gaiman (I decided to consider it mythology although it could fit in basically all four genres. But I thought The Sandman is a mythological figure, and these comics are a reinterpretation. Also there are many other mythical references in it).
I read some Charles de Lint stories for the Short Stories Weekend, but I reviewed only one, from Tapping the Dream Tree. Still have one to go, to finish the collection.

Speaking of Challenges, I think this year is the last for me. I know I haven't joined too many, but they're a lot for me and I feel constricted. Next time round I will stick to a VERY limited selection of these torture devises. I think they are fun only when they are the exception to my reading routine, not the norm.


Debi said...

I think Middlesex is the only book I've heard of on your list. I have a potential list a mile long for Amanda's challenge, and every time I read someone else's list, I end up adding more. *sigh*

Amanda said...

I don't mind if you call it LGBT instead of GLBT. My husband keeps calling it LGBT too. I think it doesn't matter either way. It gets the point across. :)

Vasilly said...

June is definitely my last month for challenges. I rarely finish any of the ones I sign up for. Good luck with the challenge.

Nymeth said...

I still have to make my list for this challenge, but I think it'll include Oranges are not the only fruit too!

The Best Villain said...

Ciao valentina,
mi hanno appena regalato una copia del libro di Bass che ti ho chisto!
Spero davvero tu non lo abbia già spedito.
Apprezo comunque il fatto di aver vinto un libro!
Sarà per la prossima volta.
Grazie e ciao

Memory said...

Ooh, you're in for good reads with both BABY BE-BOP, (my favourite FLB!), and MIDDLESEX!

valentina said...

Max, which book?

Debi, the more the merrier:P

Amanda, lol. It just that it sounfs better in my head!

Vasilly, good decision! I hope it will improve your reading experience:)

Nymeth, I'm looking forward to see your full list.

memory, I'm looking forward to start reading them! I've actually put down Baby-be pop to save it for when the challenge starts:)

Trish said...

I joined the LGBT/GLBT challenge as well but other than Fingersmith am having a hard time coming up with a list. Any suggestions for ones you've read and loved? Middlesex is fantastic--hope you enjoy!

valentina said...

Trish, I haven't read that many either! but I would recommend for YA My most excellent year. It was a light fun read and one of the main characters has a lovely gay romance with:)
Also Wetzie Bat is always good. Or you could do worse than trying Gold by Dan Rhodes. It's a delightful quick read and the main characters is lesbian, although it's not a big theme in the book.

cawbaw said...

Hmmm, "Carol" is a great read (very disturbing though), and I've read one of the Beebo Brinker books already ("I am a woman"), was ok, but rather dated.

Can't believe they left "Rotary Spokes" off the list. It's a damn classic, and hilarious to boot.

"Middlesex" is brilliant, and I'd re-read "The Passion" over "Oranges..." any day. And for YA, how about "Jack" about a boy who finds out his dad is gay, really sweet and quite realistic.

As for the others, me no know.

Hope you're having fun on your hols!

valentina said...

I expect Beebo Brinker to be dated, but hopefully fun too.
What do you mean the left Rotary Spokes off the list. Which list?
I have to check that YA book out, sounds nice. Don't know about Passion, but I'll have a look,
thank you :D

Rhinoa said...

I'm so glad there aren't challenge police... It's a shame they don't work for you but it's good to see you keep trying :)