Thursday, 5 February 2009

My New Graphic Novels Frenzy...

...has led me to:

- buy The Books of Magic - Reckonings by John Ney Rieber for only 4 euro at Oxfam!

Ok, I didn't realise it wasn't Neil Gaiman till I came home, and that it was actually volume 3, but I'm still happy I got it. Now I only need vol.1 and 2. :P

- borrow Palestine and Safe Area Goražde by Joe Sacco

- request an interloan for Absolute Sandman by Neil Gaiman AND Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Apparently my first try from home didn't work so had to do it from the library, and I forgot I also wanted to get Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot. Next time.

All this just today!
I wish I could just read and read and read...I think tonight I will start with
Death: the high cost of Living by Neil Gaiman and When the wind blows by Raymond Briggs and then start with the rest of the loot :D

And on a completely unrelated note, I just wanted to share the fact that this Sunday the 15th (I got a bit too impatient there...) I'm going to see the premiere of Coraline - the movie!!! And Neil Gaiman will be there for a Q & A!
Then, two days later I will go to another signing with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.
Me very excited by all this.
You're allowed to be jealous :D


Nymeth said...

Gotta love Oxfam :D I read the first book in The Books of Magic series, but not the others. I should do something about that! Even though they're not by Neil they still sound really good.

And you're reading Death! That's one of my favourite books ever. I like it even better than the main Sandman books, and that's saying a lot.

You know how jealous I am :P But also excited for you!

Laura Freire said...

Looking forward to read your reviews about these novels. Ciao!

Rhinoa said...

Cool enjoy the premier. I have read a couple of the Books of Magic and The Books of Faerie which were quite fun. I really must go back and read them in order at some point. I hope you enjoy Death The High Cost of Living. I read it last year and really enjoyed it.

Chris said...

I'm so jealous about the premier and the signing!! Have tons of fun at them Valentina. You got some awesome GNs!! I really enjoyed Gaiman's Books of Magic but haven't read any of the other ones yet. I've had my eye on Palestine for awhile now. Can't wait to see what you think of it! When the Wind Blows looks really cool too. I love this post!

Debi said...

Pretty sure there's no stopping us from being jealous, so I'm glad you gave us permission. :) Have fun!!!!!

valentina said...

Ana, I really liked Death! I'm sorry now I have to bring it back!I can't wait to have Absolute Sandman in my hands...

Ciao laura! come stai? peccato per il tuo blog, poi ti rispondo alla mail!!:D

Chris, hopefully I can borrow the first 2 Books of magic and then read mine:P
Palestine looks really really good, but his second one too, it's about what happened during the serbian war and I don't know the first think about it!

Debi, hihi! to be forgiven I'll report about it with pics and lots of details!