Friday, 7 November 2008

A little update...

I've been writing. A lot for my standards, if you consider I didn't write anything for months and months!I get up early to write, I even brought my laptop at work to write during lunchtime, because I knew I wouldn't get much done after work. It's brilliant.
I visit NanoWriMo's website regularly to keep me motivated, even as an outsider. And yesterday I was surprised to find out that apparently Water for elephants by Sara Gruen was written doing NanoWriMo! I couldn't believe it. That's got to be inspirational, to say the least ;)
But this wasn't the only inspirational thing I found on their website yesterday. My highlight was Philip Pullman's Pep Talk! This is a wonderful idea. All these famous writers are called to write some motivational/encouraging/understanding words to all the Nanowriters and then they're sent by e-mail to them. Thankfully, they're eventually published on the website, and that's why I could read Philip Pullman's yesterday. I loved it. At the end he talks about how being readers and lovers of stories will help us to become writers as well:

...if you do love reading, if you cannot imagine going on a
journey without a book in your pocket or your bag, if you fret and fidget
and become uncomfortable if you're kept away from your reading for too
long, if your worst nightmare is to be marooned on a desert island without
a book - then take heart: there are plenty of us like you. And if you tell
a story that really engages you, we are all potential readers.

Yes, that's me. Does it mean I have potential? :P

Oh if you have time,read Jonathan Stroud's too, that's worth it too!

ps: I don't know how people, like Dewey for example, can do Nano, have a job and all that goes with it, and post reviews on their blogs too. It's beyond me. So unless days suddenly stretch to 48 hours, I won't be posting reviews for a while...Or maybe I'll try tomorrow if I'm lucky!


Nymeth said...

Yes, I think you definitely do have potential!

Loved the pep talk. It almost even made me want to write myself :P Thanks for linking to it, and once again, good luck to you!

Rose City Reader said...

Great, inspirational stuff -- thanks for posting it!

We are in The Booker Project together. So today is my day to check out the blogs of all my fellow participants. What an interesting and creative bunch of fellow readers! Keep up the good work!

Serena said...

Wow, I had no idea that Water for elephants by Sara Gruen was written during NaNo! That is fantastic and inspirational. I'm going to go pick up my pen!

Trish said...

Go Valentina!! You're totally awesome for doing this and I can't wait for your next progress report. (I don't know how the others do it either...just *thinking* about Nano makes me exhausted and stressed). :)

Ashley said...

Funny that you posted that. I just found out today through another site that Water for Elephants was written during Nanowrimo. Very inspirational!

Good luck with your writing sounds like you're doing great!