Friday, 1 August 2008

Travels of Thelonious - Susan Schade and Jon Buller

In ancient times, when human beings ruled the earth and the animals did not yet have the gift of language, there was born a certain human baby, and his was names Bob...

That's how one of the old legends starts...

...and that's how this little charming book starts as well. Set in a far future, where humanity has disappeared mysteriously from the face of the earth, Travels of Thelonious is the first book of a series called The Fog Mound. Its hero is a young chipmunk called Thelonious, who lives in the Untamed Forest and firmly believes that the old legends about the Human Occupation are true. But his sister Dolores keeps saying they are only legends and humans never existed!
Then one day a flood carries Thelonious away from the forest and right into the ancient City Of Ruins. Here animals wear clothes, eat from canned food and read books. In this strange and decaying world Thelonious meet a kind porcupine, a flying Bear and a dodgy lizard and together they embark in an exciting adventure in search of the Fog Mound.

This was a very pleasant discovery for me. I found it at the library on the "new arrivals" trolley and I snatched it immediately. "Part graphic novel, part heroic fantasy, it's an adventure like no other!". The cover says it all. Add talking animals, far future setting and funny drawings to the mix and you'll be sure to capture my complete attention.
The story didn't disappoint me, although to know its ending and hence formulate a definitive opinion, I'll have to read the rest of the series, which I don't think it'll happen any time soon.
All in all, a funny and quick read, particularly recommended for reluctant readers, or for any kid who loves animals and adventures.


Nymeth said...

This does sound like a lot of fun. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this series.

Carl V. said...

Gonna have to add this to my library list. I love the cover illustrations and the book sounds great. Great review!

valentina said...

Nymeth, do read it if you have the chance. This was a fun,quick read but I haven't seen the rest of the series yet.

carl, thank you, I hope you'll find them in your library too:)