Friday, 7 December 2007

I got my present!

...last night! That was just the best way to end a great day. I was off so it was already a good day. But also:
- I had a most-needed haircut.
- I bought myself a pair of 70's style FUN-TA-STIC rollerskates, yellow and blue that I can't wait to try on a sunny day (when??)
- I went to see "The Golden Compass". Did I like it? Yes and No. I felt it was a bit rushed, but some parts well really well done, so I need to watch it again. I liked the deamons, Nicole, Lyra, and Iorek. But some of the characters weren't fully developed. I'm not sure it will be a big hit, but I hope so, cause I want to see the other two!!

and then I came home and found a parcel for me! It was a great surprise, because it came very early and I wasn't waiting for it.
My Secret Santa was.....Ana/Nymeth! And she got me the perfect present: a copy of "I was a Rat!" by Philip Pullman. Also included was a lovely card, a minty candy stick and a chocolate Santa (which didn't last long I must say:P).
Again I need to say how happy I am to be part of this, it's such a great idea.
And thanks to Ana for organising it. I feel very lucky to have had her as my Secret Santa. Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures due to the lack of digital cameras...
I've sent my present to my "santee" today. I know it's very late, but I hope it will arrive safely and not too late anyway.
Happy Christmas to everyone, I'm so in the mood this year!


Nymeth said...

yay! I really am happy that you liked it. I can't wait to see what you think of the book!

I think my reaction to The Golden Compass will be mixed too. I mean, there is no way they will manage to fit everything I love about the book in a movie. But from the trailer it seems to be visually stunning, and I'm sure I will enjoy it for that.

yay for rollerskates! I used to go roller-skating a lot when I younger, but I haven't done it in years. The other day I went ice-skatting for the first time in my life, though! I thought I'd fall on my butt, but I guess my knowledge of roller-skatting saved me :P

Debi said...

Great presents! That book's on my wish list...thanks to Nymeth's wonderful review. This Secret Santa thing really was so much fun!

My husband and daughter saw The Golden Compass last night, too, and I think had pretty much the same reaction as you.

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie said...

Very Cool!! Aren't presents fun?? I got mine yesterday too!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and all that jazz!

Dewey said...

Hooray! I got mine yesterday, too.

Serena said...

wow to have the sponsor of the gift exchange as your giver is great. These stories are just getting better and better!

Jill said...

Hooray! I got my present from you today, Valentina! Thank you so very very very much! I sent you an email with a longer note.

tinylittlelibrarian said...

Isn't I Was a Rat fun? :)

valentina said...

Actually,err, I haven't read it yet!I've just finished re-reading Northern Lights and now I've started The Blue Girl by Charles de lint. I think it's gonna be a quick read and after that I'll read I am a rat :)

valentina said...

I mean "I was a rat":P