Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Complete Booker Project

The Complete Booker

I've joined this VERY ambitious project, whose aim is to read every single book that won the Man Booker Prize. The good thing is that there's no time limit, and that it's shorter than the other Pulitzer project :P
I really like the idea of reading all those books that are supposed to be the best in their year. I don't read enough adult books, many people could say, so this way I'd be able to say, proudly "Hey, I don't read only children's stuff, I've read this and this and they all won The Booker Prize!"

The first book I'll read is Paddy Clarke ah!ah!ah! by Roddy Doyle, which I guess is a compromise between adult and children's fiction. I also loved The Barrytown trilogy by Doyle so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too.

But I was wondering, is there anyone who started the same kind of project for the Carnegie Medal or the Newbery? That'd be great too, I might start one of the two,if nobody does before me...


eduardo waghorn said...

Your blog very nice and cute, let me read it with calm:)
By the way, do you speak irish, or just english?
I like linguistic very much, sorry:)
I want to send you a warm hug from Chile.
I want the spring soon.
Send it, please:)!

BookGal said...

I'd go for a Newbery Challenge!

valentina said...

Yes Bookgal but it's huge!!I'd like to do it anyway. The Newbery challenge already exists, but maybe not the complete Newbery project.

Thanks Eduardo. I don't speak Irish no, only few words, thanks for stopping by.

Nymeth said...

I don't think there is a project to read all the winners of the Newbery or the Carnegie Medal, no. I would be interested if you started it, though. Especially the Carnegie Medal, because I've already read a few.

valentina said...

I think I'll start the Carnegie Medal first, for two main reasons:
1) It's shorter than the Newbery
2) Books are easier to find for me because it's a British award.
But I'd be happy to join the Newbery if someone else starts it.
Now I will only have to figure out how to do it. Maybe use Mr Linky to collect participants here, and maybe put it up as a sticky posts? suggestions are welcome:)

Julie said...

I would definitely do one of these challenges.....even though I am up to my ears in challenges. I should probably opt for the canregie since I have read a ton of the newberry award winners.

valentina said...

Cool.As a soon as I have a little bit of time left, I'll set it up. The good thing is, there's no time limit so you don't have to worry of not reading the books on time.

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my page! I will look forward to starting another challenge. And even though I read and drive, I only do it when I am waiting at a stoplight.....well mostly :)

Nymeth said...

I just found out today that there actually is a Newbery Project! Here is a link to the project's blog: http://newberryproject.blogspot.com/

valentina said...

that's brilliant!|I'll join as a soon as I come back from my holiday!and then set up the carnegie project:) if nobody has done it yet!

Em said...

I've been trying to read all the Booker novels for a few years. I've got a good start but I don't think I'll finish anytime soon. My favorites so far: The English Patient, Life of Pi, Blind Assassin, & Midnight's Children.